Our top 10 decorating tips to transform your home

Transforming your home need not cost the earth. With a little careful planning and consideration, you can dramatically alter the look of your home on even a modest budget.

For many home owners, the potential expense of re-decorating is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. However, decorating may not be as expensive as you might think. In many cases, you need not purchase new furniture or expensive accessories. These top ten decorating tips can help you to accomplish great results on a modest budget.

1. Clear Your Clutter

If you have lived in your home for a while, it is likely that you have accumulated a number of bits of clutter. While you can have a great tidy up and throw useless items in the trash, everyday items such as mail, magazines and toys are an essential component of daily life. Consider investing in some basic storage solutions, to ensure that all this essential clutter can be neatly cleared away.

2. Increase the Natural Light

Natural light is the key to a fresh and spacious look. Many people overlook the impact that increasing natural light can develop. You should clean your windows properly and ensure that any blinds or drapes are fully opened to allow in the maximum possible light. Consider installing mirrors to reflect light around the rooms and create a more open spacious ambiance if your home lacks natural light.

3. Move Your Furniture Placement

Moving your existing furniture around, can actually transform your home without the need to purchase new furniture. You need not be restricted by room, if you have a bookcase in the lounge, why not try moving it into the dining room or into a bedroom. Moving your furniture around can immediately change the atmosphere and energy flow in your home.

4. Create a Theme

Developing themes can guide the accessories and style for the room. You could seek inspiration from a movie, a recent vacation or even nature. You can use existing accessories to decorate and transform the aesthetics of the room once you have created a theme.

5. Change Your Color Palette

The colors used in your home can have a great influence on the ambiance and mood. However, many people get stuck on the same color palette. Experiment a little with your colors and try something new. For a relaxing mood choose lighter shades of yellow, green or blue, while rich deeper shades such as dark brown or reds will create a more sophisticated opulent ambiance.

6. Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall can generate a great impact within a room, without being expensive. You will also need to carefully consider which wall should be your feature wall, since it will affect the feeling of shape in the room.

7. Create wall paneling

This is another method of creating a bold design statement to transform your home. Choose a bold printed wall paper, and create a panel for your wall, using a beading framework. This effect creates an appearance of wall art for your home, which appears dramatic, but without a dramatic price tag.

8. Plan Your Accessorizing

Most people accumulate knickknacks and accessories over many years. However, often these accessories can appear random in the room. Try to plan out your accessorizing to complement the theme of your room. This can tie the decoration together for a polished final look. For example, if you theme your room on your favorite vacation destination, it is the perfect place to showcase your souvenirs of the trip.

9. Experiment With Textures

Different textures can alter the aesthetics of your room dramatically. Instead of sticking with the same fabric choices, why not experiment a little using sheer fabrics, plastic, glass and silk to create a multitude of textures and interest in the room.

10. Showcase Favorite Pieces

If you have favorite items of furniture or decor, use these pieces as the central motif to your decorating theme. This will allow you to transform your room while injecting some of your style and personality. This can create a unique look which will be a talking point among your guests.