Mirror mirror on the wall...

Of course not forgetting to be totally feng shui darling! Mirrors positioned correctly in a room can make all the difference to the sense of space and light. Even a small room with tiny little windows can be made to feel bigger with the right use of mirrors. There are lots of books on the topic, some are even featured on this website. Really have a good look at the space you are putting your mirror or mirrors into. Make sure that they won't irritate you if the low winter sun is shining into the window. If they are to be functional mirrors, try to accomodate all the people in your household! Difficult I know if the man of the house is 6ft 4 and the teenage little girl struggles to peak above 4ft 3, but in circumstances like those you have to decide who will use the room most and prioritize! If you can't, then you will need to use long mirrors or mirror combinations that can keep them all happy! It's all just common sense really! But do remember mirrors can also be intrusive on privacy. If blinds or windows let people passing by study your reflection in the mirror, you might not be too pleased if you spot them doing it,,, or vice versa for that matter!

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